Healthy Lifestyle

What comes to your mind when you think of a healthy lifestyle?

For many people, including the old myself, restrictive diets, deprivation and no-cake-allowed are the first things that immediately come to mind.

Instagram models with perfect bodies, Victoria’s Secret angels with their super strict eating habits, gyms, kale, smoothies, are all things that are associated with the words Healthy Lifestyle.

In my opinion this couldn’t be more wrong.

To live a healthy life it doesn’t mean that you need to kill yourself with hours in the gym, hire a personal trainer or start to follow the latest trend in terms of smoothies cleansing.

Living a healthy lifestyle means that you are happy, fulfilled and balanced.

How did I learn my lesson? In the hard way.

I am 30 years old and for about 27 years I have been on and off diets that would inevitably end up in a failure, leaving me frustrated and less motivated than ever.

I used to sleep very little at night, train with a lot of cardio, drink a lot, smoke, and surely not eating well enough.

I was starving myself just to end up binging when coming back from a night out with friends and all the day after, to fight the hangover. I am lactose intolerant but I would let this slip out of my mind to have an ice cream or a cake or mozzarella fritters or pizza. I didn’t take my intolerance seriously enough to actually stop eating diary products and this often resulted in a bloated belly and an uncomfortable gas.

What changed? How did I started my journey towards living healthier?

It all started in one of those moments in life when you find yourself at a crossing.

I decided that I needed to do something for myself and I came across the Whole30. I am a huge fan of their program and I believe it really changes your perception of food and body nourishment. I followed the program and got to the end of it and even further. I was feeling great, full of energies, my skin was glowing, I was free from my addictions to bread, pizza, cheese, sugar… I felt great.

I can’t say that I never slipped after that, it would be a lie. I slipped multiple times but I was always able to get back there, knowing that I could start another program, another month, restart again.

This is being balanced. Knowing that if you slip it’s not the end of the World and you can get back on track. You can start again, because you are stuck with yourself until the end of the days and you have all the time in the World to make it.

There is no expiration date for being healthy, no rush to get to your final goal.

I am on a journey and I am not done yet. You won’t see in these pages a perfect body or a perfect example to follow, you will see a real person moving forward, one step at a time.

I am letting go of stress, of toxic people, of negative thoughts and I am focusing on myself.Β I meditate, I take time to read a good book, to sleep 8 hours per night, to walk my dog, to cook delicious meals. I go to the gym almost every day and if my body is aching I rest without feeling guilty for it.

I am reducing my possession because I recently came across the minimalist philosophy and I love it although I already know that it will be a very long journey for me.

I subscribed to the courses I always wanted to do but I never felt it was the right time for.

I started making the time right instead of waiting for it to come!

In conclusion, a healthy lifestyle is being happy, being strong and follow your dreams and passions.

On this website I will share my journey, hoping that I will be able to inspire you all to take a step towards your healthy lifestyle. If you took the time to read until this point and you feel inspired and motivated to start, don’t hesitate to contact me in private to have a chat and get some support and some love.

Be happy and spread the love.

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