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Ci sono giorni, settimane, mesi, in cui la motivazione sembra abbandonarci. E per motivazione intendo quel sentimento generale di entusiasmo, verso il lavoro, verso lo sport, verso gli amici, verso la vita... There are days, weeks, months, when the motivation seems to be gone. And when I say Motivation I mean that enthusiastic feeling towards… Continue reading #Motivation

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Climbing affaire

Sabato pomeriggio, sola soletta con il mio zainetto DMM sulle spalle, sono tornata alla mia solita palestra, The Arch Climbing Wall, per una sessione di bouldering indoor. Saturday afternoon, together with my little red DMM backpack, I went to my usual climbing gym, The Arch Climbing Wall, for an indoor bouldering session. Dopo un paio d'ore di… Continue reading Climbing affaire

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5 tips to avoid being lazy during Winter

Vai alla versione italiana > Let's be honest, who doesn't like crawling into bed with a hot cup of tea in one hand and a nice book in the other? Even if you are a very active person during the whole year, there are days when you just can't avoid being lazy. If you combine these… Continue reading 5 tips to avoid being lazy during Winter