Hi, I’m Valentina, a healthy food and lifestyle promoter. 10931406_10205343007231432_1063360189837712412_n

Currently I am on a journey to become the strongest version of myself, being healthier, happier, in tune with nature and with my body.

I believe that a positive change is possible for everybody and that we should all take a step forward to make our lives and the World better.

I will use this space to share my journey with all of you who are interested or that need to be inspired.

I am far from perfect and this wants to show that change is possible for anyone!

My goal is to inspire all of those people out there that need a change but don’t know where to start.

I want to give you access to the knowledge that I have accumulated over years of research and ups and downs.

I want to become a resource for people who want to move forward but need support and accountability and maybe someone to talk to.

Join the journey.